Equine Clients 
(Some horses I have had the pleasure to train and work with internationally)

 Working with and training a diverse herd of horses of different breeds, temperaments, and disciplines. The herd helps strengthen my skills and gain the ability to assess, train, and communicate clearly with horses. This allows me to identify the problem and find a solution through proper communication using gentle methods and "natural" horsemanship skills. Irwin's three energies of push, block, and draw, derives from studying the way horses naturally interact through their horse body language in nature. The 3 energies are being incorporated in groundwork training. Notice, while using Irwin's methods, there is no pulling on reins or ropes of any kind, as it is unnatural for a horse to pull on another horse, they always use push energy to move one another.


Video footage and images of some of the horses I have documented working with are available below.


Please contact me for updated/new footage.

Meet the Herd!

Meet Moonshine

Moonshine The "Red Mare"

Groundwork with Moonshine!

Red Mares are known to be moody and stubborn. Moonshine has that tendency, although when worked with correctly, she responds very well. She shows signs of releasing stress through her body language by dropping her head low, moving forward, ears up forward, curled and relaxed tail, etc..

Groundwork helps horses release endorphins making them "feel good" and want to be/work with you.

Lunging & Moving Circles
Liberty Loose Leading
Meet Vroujke

Vroujke​ the Black Friesian

Groundwork training with Vroujke

This beautiful black Friesian mare can be stiff at times. Using the 3 energies to communicate with her to work on her posture and her bend in order to release endorphins for a "feel good" sensation. 

Vroujke's lunge work was really good. She lunged well on both sides and managed to keep engaged and create a better bend through her girth line.


Liberty loose lead with Vroujke was quite impressive. We started with loose lead with positive results. Next we tired liberty loose lead, where the horse is lead without any restraints, and is willingly following you.

Long lining helps build a clear set of boundaries and guidance through harmonized body alignment behind and beside the horse. Light and fluid hands release for contact and block for transitions and changing directions, while using our body language to guide the horse effectively.

Lunging & Moving Circles
Liberty Loose Leading
Ground Driving (Long Lining)
Meet Bailey

Bailey the Big Grey Jumper 

Bailey is a large horse used for jumping. He is ultra-sensitive to tack and equipment and is a little skittish at times. Using Irwin's methods work very well with Bailey and his training. The more i perfect my body language to communicate with him, the less stress he experiences, which causes him to be more focused and relaxed.

Throughout our groundwork sessions, Bailey exhibited signs of releasing stress; forward ears, relaxing his jaw/mouth, lowering his head and bowing to me. Hollowed backs, inverted heads and swishing tails, are all signs of high stress. 

Lunging & Moving Circles
Lunging, Moving Circles & Transitions
Loose Lead
Meet Spirit

Spirit the Mighty Spanish "Stallion"

Spirit is a special case. He is a young Spanish abused and rescued horse. He was castrated/gelded poorly and suffered a great deal form the trauma resulting is mistrust of humans. He is hypersensitive to everything, including body language (i.e. when my posture is off, he will react to it by inverting, throwing his head up, and swishing his tail). Mentally, Spirit believe he's is a stallion and acts as such.


In this case, groundwork with Spirit must be precise, otherwise he gets easily stressed out and fearful. In order to avoid that, we try not to be repetitive with mistakes and respond to his needs in order to lower stress levels and be able to communicate well for a calm and collected experience.

Spirit makes a fantastic horse teacher and coach! I have learned a great deal working with him and continue to gain knowledge from working with him in every session.


Loose Lead
Meet Twinklejikt

Twinkle the pony was a delight to work with.

He has a playful character and has a bit of dominant behavior. He is quick with a lot of energy.

I worked with him for the past year on and off and is a wonderful horse to work with. I have done groundwork with him with numerous transitions and exercises.

Meet Domino

Domino the PRE Gelding

Domino is a sweet, gentle Spanish origin horse.

I have had the pleasure to work with him throughout the past year on and off in Holland, NL.

He responds well to body language and has a calm nature.

Meet Ed

Ed the Bald Face Bay

Ed was easy to work with. He is calm and easygoing with a great temperament. Mostly groundwork training was practiced with Ed, as he is already a calm and level headed horse with a forward and soft posture. 

Meet Marvik

Marvik The Draft Gelding

Because he is a draft horse, he tend to be a little pushy and heavy when handling him. Draft horses are usually used as carriage horses or work horses pulling a tiller, etc.

Using groundwork to help him become more rounded and softer on his hooves. Groundwork helps him bend correctly to ensure the release of endorphins and stress from the body.

RIP Dear Marvik!

Meet Silvie

Silvie, A Teacher of Wisdom

I met Silvie on my first visit to Castricum. She was truly a great teacher with a beautiful personality. I worked with Silvie after she was rehabilitated from an extreme injury that resulted in her mistrust in humans all together. Using gentle methods with her helped her start to build trust in humans again. From approaching, to haltering, to handling, every movement had to be perfect in order to keep her trust. Correct body language while handling Silvie, due to her hyper-sensitivity after her injuries, was imperative.

Silvie was doing exceptionally well and started to work with different people and styles. She became an excellent teacher to anyone working with her, making her a master horse trainer.

Silvie was widely respected by all other horses as well humans. A few months ago, Silvie had sustained a fatal injury and decided that she was ready to leave this world. Her owner and vet decided that it was time and humane to end her suffering. 

RIP Great Silvie

Meet First Choice

First Choice - Thoroughbred Endurance Jumper

First Choice was a pleasure to work with. He is a sensitive horse, works well when given clear commands.

I have had the pleasure to work with him in Holland, NL.

He responds well to body language and is willing to please.

Meet Robust

Robust - Young Thoroughbred 

I have had the pleasure to work with him in Holland, NL

Robust became soft and gentle, saddling him up and riding him was a joy.

He responds well to body language and was calm and engaged when using the correct mechanics to keep his mind engaged with me during big distractions in the environment.

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