Horses i recently worked with in Kuwait!

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Hamlet : Thoroughbred - rescue case 

Hamlet was found abandoned in the middle of the desert in Wafra in Kuwait, tied to a post and left to starve to death. It seemed he was used for jumping and had multiple broken bones in his leg. He was rescued and rehabilitated at an older age. I met Hamlet and trained with him lightly and conducted massages and some minor hydrotherapy to soothe his tendons and muscles.

Due to his abuse in his early life, and his massive injuries, he began to develop arthritis at the estimated age of 19, as his age was unknown when he was rescued. He lived out his days as a pasture horse, socializing with his equine friends and being a role model to a younger confused horse, Lancelot.

When his bones could not sustain him any longer, he began to show signs of pain and a clear will to let go. 

Hamlet was euthanized on July 1st, 2017.

RIP old friend!

Lancelot : Thoroughbred/Arabian Mix - Abuse and surrender case 

Lancelot was rescued from a farm where he was abused and neglected, left to starve to death. The only company he had was an old billy goat he was very fond of and insisted on leaving his environment with his goat friend. He was introduced to his first equine friend, Hamlet, when he was taken to the shelter where they had become great friends. Lance was a difficult case, as he never learned natural horse language to communicate correctly. He has progressed through the use of gentle, natural methods. He has undergone some groundwork and desensitization, as he was very spooky when i first met him. He has been saddled but not yet ridden.

Al Bateel :  Irish Thoroughbred - Retired Surrender case

Al-Bateel is a beautiful pure-bred chestnut racer who was born on a Thoroughbred stud farm in Ireland. He has had a hard and over worked life. He has been trained hard for racing, then switched to the jumping discipline, which inevitably lead to injuring his tendon, causing his retirement at the age of over 20 years old. He can not bare wight on his back anymore. He has been trained extensively at liberty and has done groundwork. 

The Black Friesian, a.k.a. "The Beast" - Green Horse w/ dangerous behavior 

 Fries is a misunderstood Friesian who is willing to please. He is a young horse and has had little training in the jumping discipline, with no groundwork training prior. He has been classified as a "dangerous horse" due to his tendencies of taking off and switching directions suddenly, and spontaneously jumping the fence while training, etc..

Fries is my newest client, starting with the basics and groundwork, he will progress to working under the saddle.

“Nice! Lovely work. Moonshine is looking forward to working with you again..”

Brenda van der Kolk, Rider, Client, and owner of Moonshine the red mare.

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